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Leaps and Bounds


Dedicated to Providing the Best In Early Intervention

Providing You with Family Centered Care


Leaps & Bounds Family Services Inc. provides early intervention services to help children develop, grow and learn during the early years of life. Early intervention programs are designed for families of infants, toddlers and young children with or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. Our goal is to help families set a positive course for their child's development. ​


At Leaps & Bounds Family Services Inc, we believe that the cornerstone of early intervention is the collaboration between the family of the child we serve and the professionals on their team. We view families as experts in their children, who provide knowledge about their child's interests, their unique personalities, their stengths and their areas of need. Together with the professionals on your team that bring knowledge about child development and stratagies to support learning, we develop an individualized plan to help your family achieve your goals for your child.     


Leaps & Bounds Family Services Inc. currently provides these pediatric services to the family in their home:


  • Developmental Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • DIR/Floortime

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Our Core Values

The services we provide are based on the following beliefs:


  • We believe that families of children with developmental delays and disabilities are very bright, they are competent and they are dedicated to helping their children succeed

  • We believe that the parent child relationship is important and essential to the success of children with developmental delays and disabilities. 

Better Care Starts with You!


"We have been working with Leaps and Bounds since my daughter, Louise, was born 5 years ago. Benny and his staff care about Louise and want her to succeed in everything she attempts. They tailor each session to Louise’s needs (and ours) and help her achieve each goal, life skill, milestone with expertise, love and professionalism.”


Meagan Stasiek


“We loved our time working with staff from Leaps & Bounds! Benny was an angel for our family, not only helping our son but our entire family at the same time! He encouraged us and assisted with receiving diagnostic assessments and attended our first IEP meeting for support. I will forever be grateful for the support and knowledge I gained from Benny during a stressful time of life. Our son is thriving now as an almost 8 yr old because of the intervention we received from Leaps & Bounds.”


Erin Johnson

I am a blessed mother of 2 boys with autism. With my oldest son I felt so lost with the word Autism and what it was all about. Second son comes along and gets diagnosed, we start therapy and get Benny as a therapist..boy did our world change. I had all the answers and help I needed to help my child in this journey. We call Benny our angel. He was like an angel fallen from the sky. Thank you Benny.”


Rosie Perez


“Our son Jacob, who is diagnosed with autism, received Developmental Therapy services through Leaps & Bounds from approximately 18 months old to 3 years old. During that time, Jacob went from no eye contact and not respoding to his name to learning appropriate play and learning how to request the things he needed or wanted on a daily basis.

    The Developmental Therapist was very much up to date and well educated on the subject of autism. We were referred to many books and seminars to help better educate ourselves. Working so closely with Jacob's therapist for so long made it easy to build a freindship and trust. We feel very fortunate that Jacob had the opportunity to work with his Developmental Therapist, learn a lot and progress as much as he did in the time spent with such a qualified therapist from Leaps & Bounds.”


Laura and Joe Spallone

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