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Where your passion soars to new heights.


Are you passionate about empowering families to help their children develop? Then the Leaps & Bounds Team has a place for you. Leaps & Bounds Family Services Inc. is currently seeking qualified individuals to provide Occupational, Speech, Physical and Developmental Therapy services to children and their families in their homes.

Leaps and Bounds
Family Centered 


At Leaps & Bounds your family is just as valued as the families we serve.

We recoignize how delicate it can be to balance your family life with your work life. So it is with that in mind that we allow our staff to make their own schedule, choose their own hours and decide how many families they can work with at a given time.  


All of the services we offer to families are provided in child's natural environment (home, community, child care setting, etc). Therefore, we let our staff choose the geographical area that fits best for them to provide services in. At Leaps & Bounds we strive to provide family centered care that is relationship based in nature. We make sure to build strong relationships with our staff and their families and are dedicated to providing a supportive environment.   

Leaps and Bounds
Professional Growth


At Leaps & Bounds Family Services Inc, we recognize that we are all always learning. Just as each individual family we work with has strengths and individual qualities that make them unique, so do our staff members. It is with this in mind that we make every attempt to provide experiences to our staff that nurture their ability to grow, develop, and increase his/her awareness about the complex nature of relationships involved in our work with young children and their families.  


One of the many ways we achieve this at Leaps & Bounds is by providing our staff with opportunties for reflective supervision. Through this process we assist practitioners in recognizing their own strengths, acknowledging the the daily challanges of our work and the critical impact of what we do to support families. We then collaboratively develop a plan for professional growth.

Leaps and Bounds
A Team Approach


We value each other as members of the Leaps & Bounds Family Services Inc. team, therefore we take a transdisciplinary approach to interaction and treatment. Every team member works collaboratively with each other to support our individual goals, the goals of the families we serve and each others learning and professional growth. 


We invite everyone to be part of our team meetings where we provide feedback to each other, peer to peer reflection, case consultation and provide opportunties for leadership and to contribute to the growth and development of the Leaps & Bounds team.

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