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Leaps & Bounds Family Services

- The family centered provider of early intervention services

About Leaps & Bounds Family Services


Leaps & Bounds Family Services Inc. was founded in 2005. Leaps & Bounds Family Services was created so that families were able to receive services for their children in a manner that is respectful of their individual family culture, values, interests and beliefs. It is with that purpose in mind that our staff strives to develop family-professional partnerships in order to work with families in ways to improve learning and promote the development of young children effectively.

Family centered services are based upon the belief that young children learn best through everyday experiences and interactions with familiar people in familiar situations. In addition, it is predicated on the belief that all families, with the necessary supports and resources, can enhance their child's learning and development. Therefore, it is the primarily role of our staff to work with and support the family members and caregivers in a child's life in their natural environment (their home and community).    


Leaps & Bounds Family Services will work with you and your family to develop an individualized plan for achieving your goals for your child that is dynamic and reflective of your family's preferences, learning style and beliefs. Our staff will listen and believe in what you say in regards to your priorities for your child. We will work collaboratively with you to develop outcomes that build on your child's natural motivation to learn, interests and tailor services to fit your family.   

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